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Ledgard Family Guide to Nashville

26 June 2009

I’m not sure anyone reads this blog, but it’s still good to store information on that we link to a lot.  This post came up as a reply to a co-worker looking for things to do in Nashville.


Have the official cheeseburger in paradise at Rotier’s…. The Buffet song was written about this place… no, really. You want the cheeseburger and a milkshake.

I’d also recommend hitting up South Street.

Music Row

Both of those places are on the same side of town within walking distance of Music Row.  Now, you might not be too interested in country music, but it’s a good walk around on a nice day. 

Music Row is awesome to see “polished” Music City … beautiful tree lined streets with all the major record labels and famous recording studios. This area is within easy walking distance of the Country Music Hall of Fame,Vanderbilt and the 2 restaurants above.

Also nearby (only about a block west of Rotiers) is the Parthenon, which is totally bizarre but worth glimpsing if you are near.

“Real Music City”

But the Broadway / 4th Ave area is the place to see “real” music city … It’s where all the acts get their start and vibe is amazing. In the summer, a trolley usually connects the Vandy / Music Row area to downtown (just a couple miles) so it can all be easily done in one afternoon / evening. From this Frommers link…

7. Hatch Show Print

The oldest poster shop in the United States still prints its posters on an old-fashioned letterpress printer. The most popular posters are those advertising the Grand Ole Opry.

8. Gruhn Guitars

This is the most famous guitar shop in Nashville; it specializes in used and vintage guitars.

9. Ryman Auditorium

The Grand Ole Opry was held here from 1943 to 1974. The building was originally built as a tabernacle to host evangelical revival meetings, but because of its good acoustics and large seating capacity, it became a popular setting for theater and music performances.

10. Ernest Tubb Record Shop

This store was once the home of the Midnite Jamboree, a country music radio show that took place after the Grand Ole Opry was over on Saturday nights.

12. Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge

Grand Ole Opry musicians used to duck in here, one of the most famous bars in Nashville, before, during, and after the show at the Ryman. There’s live country music all day long at Tootsie’s.

And, of course there is the arboretum where Gretchen & I went to school.