Learning in 2013

Learning in 2013

I already talked about my goal of learning to delegate and outsource more in 2013, but I have three other specific goals.

1. Become a better writer.

My goal is to publish something I’ve created (I’ll get to that) every day in 2013. That could be on this personal blog or it could be for KickoffLabs in the form of a blog post, marketing copy, newsletters, automated emails, etc.

So much of selling a SaaS product, writing instructions for outsourced labor, or even working with your co-founder comes down to clear, simple, communication. I need to get better by doing.

2. Take one photography class in 2013.

It could be a one hour lesson. I just want to know how to use our fancy-pants camera better. As a way to simplify my writing goal I’m going to allow a picture posted in a day to represent the requisite “thousand words” and count. Taking good product screenshots is also an art. 🙂

3. Finish Rocksmith (Guitar learning game)

I could have put learn guitar here, but I’ll settle for this game where you use a real guitar as tabs flow down the screen. I’m under no illusion that this will teach me to be a good guitar player… I simply think it may be fun.

That’s all for my posts on 2013 personal goals. I’ll be working with Scott on goals for year 3 of KickoffLabs soon. Perhaps some of those will be posted as well.