Don’t stop moving

It’s hard to catch something that doesn’t stop moving. Just ask the hare.

In my vain quest to improve Crossfit scores I realized I was losing the most time resting and switching between exercises. It was faster in the end, to lower the intensity of each exercise and just keep moving. You can’t make any progress staring at the weights.


Going all out was just forcing a longer rest period between sets.

The same lessons apply to your business. We didn’t get to our current revenue mark by sprinting. The best work has always been done with slow and steady progress. You just can’t stop moving.

Even if you are investing in larger feature work that might not ship for two months you can’t stop making small tweaks every day. Improving the customer experience, increasing the effectiveness of your ads, getting more of your content in front of new eyeballs, etc. You can’t stop those trains.

Momentum is killer. When you stop those trains it’s hard to start them back up again. If you keep them moving you get to watch steady improvements that keep you motivated while you are working on long lead efforts that won’t pay off for a while. The point is to show up every day and push continuous improvements.

Sprinting yourself or your employees into the ground with max-effort pushes will lead to burnout. You’ll need to take breaks and that’s going to cost you the race. It ends up being the slower path. The tortious is going to dust you in the end because he never stopped moving.