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French Fries on Sandwiches are Cool & Other Thoughts

14 June 2011

photo 1I recently completed a cross country drive with a great friend that included a lot of culture/people watching that you don’t get to see if you live in Seattle, Silicon Valley, New York, etc. In no particular order here are some of my thoughts…

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Tweet an Image to Avoid Stock Photography

10 May 2011

A personal mission of mine has been to avoid the use of stock art or photography in my latest projects.  You’ll notice on the KickoffLabs blog that the photos are mostly pictures that I’ve taken or images I’ve drawn.  No one else may like or notice, but I get a personal sense of satisfaction knowing that the words, product, AND the art are mine.

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Enjoying my KickoffLabs Blogging

05 May 2011

There’s only so much time in the day.  If you follow this blog and your wondering what happened… It’s mostly that my effort’s been going into getting KickoffLabs ready to launch.  I’ve been doing two posts there  a week.  This is harder than it sounds without a writing staff. 

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Don’t forget to set up your Facebook page ASAP

24 March 2011

I’ve talked to a few business lately that ended up finding squatters on their ideal Facebook URL.  Yeah, it’s the new “AOL Keyword”, but it’s just expected these days.  Same thing with your twitter name.  It’s just not as simple as securing your domain name anymore.  But there are more reasons to start early on Twitter and Facebook than just avoiding squaters and beating competitors… Here is the first mistake I made with KickoffLabs and Facebook:

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A Message to My Friends and Family

23 March 2011

drive thru treeYou may have noticed that I’m starting to talk more about what I’m working on publicly. I’ll do my best not to spam you continually about my startup business ventures.  It’s a tough line to straddle as you are getting started.  Word of mouth is critical and ones own networks are key to spreading your message. I love all the support I’ve received. I do, however, have a few things to ask of you… and none of them involve money. Smile 

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