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Outsource your life in 2013

09 January 2013

Last week I realized that we had to take down the Christmas lights. I actually like decorating for Christmas, but I loath dismantling it all and boxing it up again. I had two choices.

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Scare yourself in 2013 with one big goal

08 January 2013

In college I had my George Costanza moment. It’s not that every decision I’d ever made was wrong, I just realized if I never challenged myself to do anything differently my life was never going to progress. I decided to take classes that pushed me, buy cloths in styles I never saw myself in, turn down a Microsoft internship for one with a smaller company that offered more opportunity, etc.

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Quick Tips for Upgrading to PhoneGap 1.0 with OneDayApp

02 August 2011

trailerLast week the PhoneGap team released version 1.0.  I’m a big fan of the PhoneGap platform because it lets me build amazing apps for mobile devices and keep my client side web skills sharp.  No need to re-learn java or Objective-C.  I’m happy to say that the code that comes with the OneDayApp training series is 100% compatible with the 1.0 release!

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Google Sucks at Authentication UX

30 June 2011

Like a lot of entrepreneurs I have a love/hate relationship with google.  But I’m just going to come out and say they suck at UX.  I know that’s not a popular opinion. Everyone praises them for their fast and simple looking UI.  The latest example of this suckage can be seen if you happen to have both a personal gmail account and a Google for your domain account… which a lot of entrepreneurs and sole proprietors have…

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A GoodDay for this Developer

23 June 2011

Most days I’m thrilled if GoodDay buys me coffee, but there are some days I get an even better feeling… the one you get from helping people achieve their goals.  Here are some recent reviews and customer quotes that people have left about GoodDay.

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