Josh Ledgard

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Avoid Your Cave

18 December 2013

It’s easy to get into a rut. We’re creatures of habit that crave routines. For me it’s easy to come in, help with customer support emails, try and optimize some part of our marketing, experiment with a new feature for hours on end and call it a day. I call this my cave.

We all have caves we retreat into. Our caves are warm, cozy, and inviting. Living in your cave won’t hurt your chances at a steady job, but caves are deadly to entrepreneurs. Your cave is a place where you can completely avoids tasks that could be truly impactful.

Customers don’t live in your cave. You can’t fix broken strategies from your cave. You can’t create partnerships from a cave. You can’t grow your business from a cave.


So get out. Do something difficult. Do something different. Make an impact in your business. Every day you spend in your cave is a day you really aren’t growing anything.