TelliTip 9: Show full post content on the home page in Graffiti

I saw this question in the Graffiti Support forums and figured I’d turn it into a tip.  By default most Graffiti themes only publish the post excerpt on the home or other index pages (like tags) because, for SEO reasons, most search engines don’t like duplicate content on sites.  But lets pretend you are throwing caution to the wind and want to show full post content on the home page and only use the actual post page for comments.  On with the tip…

  1. Log into your control panel as an admin.
  2. Go to the theme customization with Presentation > Themes > Personalize on your current theme.
  3. Click on the index.view file to open it.
  4. I recommend saving your existing copying the current index.view content into a new next file as a back-up at this point.
  5. Find the line with the $Post.Excerpt(…) script
  6. Replace this script with $Post.Body()
  7. Save the file
  8. Verify


Note: Every theme is different and your mileage may very depending on the theme.  Just swapping the excerpt for the full post.body content worked well in most of the default themes I tried this on. 

One response to “TelliTip 9: Show full post content on the home page in Graffiti”

  1. Jef says:


    Thanks for posting this, as it gave me insight to how excerpts are created. I just published a post on using post excerpts here if you are interested:…/formatting-blog