TelliTip 13: Check what version of GraffitiCMS you are running & upgrade to V1.0.1 if needed.

GraffitiIf you’ve recently downloaded Graffiti then you are likely running the most recent version, but how can you find out for sure?  To verify the version of Graffiti you are running you can view the page properties on your site.

In Firefox right click on your site and click "Page Info".  You’ll see the following dialog.  The version is stored in the "Generator" meta-tag.



In IE you’ll need to right click to "view source" and look for the following line at the top of the source…

<meta name="generator" content="Graffiti CMS 1.0 (build" />

This means that I’m now running V1.0.1. 

If you find you are running something less at the moment you can find upgrade instructions here.

To see what’s new in the V1.0.1 release you can see the release notes here.