Tellitip 10: Take advantage of excerpts when posting


This tip really comes from Jeftek who left a comment on my tip for showing full post content in Graffiti. He has some great suggestions on how you can improve what’s shown in excerpts.

Essentially you can tell Graffiti exactly what to put in the excerpt by filling out both the body and extended body in the post form. This nice thing about this, as Jeff points out, is that you have more control over the character count and HTML per post.

There are two ways you can control this.

A. Using the Graffiti Post UI.

1. When writing a post and click extended body below the category selection.


2. Fill out the body with the part of the post you want in the excerpt and full out the extended body with the rest of the post to be merged with the above when reading the full post view.


3. Publish.

B. Using Windows Live Writer

1. Create a new post in Windows Live Writer

2. Insert the “Split Post” through the Format -> Split Post option where you want the break to be in your post.


3. You should end up with something like this:


4. Publish

Thanks Jeff for the tip!