TelliTip 0: Upload a series of files/photos at once in Graffiti

Graffiti CMSLets say you want to upload multiple images or files at once for a series of posts or tutorials you are working on. Buried in Graffiti is a nifty multiple file upload control. 

  1. Log into your control panel
  2. Click the site options tab
  3. Click Utilities
  4. Select the file browser
  5. Pick a folder to upload your files to. Note: The editor’s image insert browse control defaults to the /home/files/media directory.
  6. Pick your files
  7. Click save

You can later link to these files, get to them from the file browser, or use the image selector control to pick out the picture you want when creating your post. But hey, you mostly just wanted to play with a cool multiple file upload control right?