Friendfeed is a Bug

I don’t usually go out and create a 1 per post “mindless link”, but I tend to agree completely with what Dare said in this post and it wouldn’t have been long before I wrote up something similar… so I’ll just let Dare say it for me. 

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life – The “Popularity” of FriendFeed is a Bug in the Social Software Ecosystem

It took a little longer than two months but it looks like I was right. For some reason Facebook isn’t putting the comment bubbles in the news feed but I assume that is only temporary and they are trying it out in the mini-feed first.

FriendFeed has always seemed to me to be a weird concept for a stand alone application. Why would I want to go to whole new site and create yet another friend list just to share what I’m doing on the Web with my friends? Isn’t that what social networking sites are for? It just sounds so inconvenient, like carrying around a pager instead of a mobile phone.

Although I’m going to add that Twitter falls under the same category.  Maybe it’s because they’ve been too busy trying to keep the whale floating to add new features, but it feels so incomplete it’s hard to see the value over all the other, site specific, status messages that define a users current activity.