Next time on Arrested Development – the movie?

The news of an Arrested Development movie has a way of lifting my spirits. Things I’d like to see:

  • Lucille’s life in jail with George back in charge
  • Blue hand prints always crack me up
  • More segway goodness
  • Cornballers
  • Hot Cops!
  • The Final Countdown!

Via TVSqaud

Twenty-sevenish things the Arrested Development movie must have – TV Squad

Now that the Arrested Development movie is pretty much a done deal, fans are dreaming of what the big screen event should include. FilmSchoolRejects listed eight things the Arested Development movie must include, such as the stair car, Lucille 2, and the banana stand.


Consider me teased

Just in time for my birthday this year. With our “empty tivo” and my New Years resolution to not watch terrible TV I’ve been catching up on older x-files episodes on TNT.  Good times.


My New Years Resolution

I could say it's to work out more, pick up guitar again, code more, learn Spanish, blog more, etc, but the truth is that I needed a resolution that went up one level so I get more time back to do all that and anything else.  So my New Years resolution is simply to watch less bad TV. 

You know the TV I'm talking about. The shows you don't really look forward to, but the Tivo didn't tape anything else interesting for you so you watch them.  I might not even watch less TV  than I do now with this resolution, but my resolution is to simply not watch crappy TV that I'm not excited about.

This one should have everything

Today's game is iether going to be a classic or a big let down.  Doesn't look to be building up as anything in between. Dice-K versus Ichiro AND Dice-K versus the phenom Felix AND the first home start for Boston's 103 million dollar man.  I'd tape the game and watch it when I get home, but I don't think I'll be able to avoid it at Diablo batting practice tonight that's held in the SODO district with every M's game blaring.

Will anyone ever have the guts to have a plan and stick to it with TV?

No matter what, Prison Break was never intended to be a long-running series. At first, people behind the show though it could last three seasons being laid out as follows: Season 1 = in prison, Season 2 = on the run, Season 3 = back in prison; but that the best plan was surely only two season. However good ratings have made FOX order a third season. With how they mapped the second season, which includes wrapping up most (if not all) of the storylines, Prison Break needs to reinvent itself and here is how they plan to do it.

Source: Prison Break's third season to get a new name? – TV Squad

I love the show, but I do get the sense it would be better if there was a solid plan for the story arc and the networks could stick to it regardless of the ratings.

There is no one left to root for

I agree with Gretchen. Who are we to root for now on the Amazing Race given this depressing development…

Rob & Amber [ELIMINATED]: Oh, damn! I was really rooting for these two. But Rob's inability to spell totally lost it for them. He started acting out after they fell behind during the first challenge and caused problems for them along the way. Ah well. They cheat, steal and lie so we didn't really want them to win, did we? I'm sure there's another reality show out there for them to enter so they can put off having real jobs for a little longer.

Source: The Amazing Race All-Stars: No Babies on the Race – TV Squad

I mean, if you are going to get into reality TV you might as well root for people that are making a career out of reality TV and appear to be real Pros at it.