Favorites of 2009 – Telligent Style

Jana sent around a set of questions to the Product PM team at Telligent today that made me write up this blog entry about some of my favorite 2009 things related to our work life.

1. What was your favorite work-related or field related or technical read for 2009 (white paper, book, etc)

imageMy favorite read this year was Predictably Irrational.  It is a great follow-up to Freakonomics that was better than SuperFrekonimics.  They explore some great topics such as…


  • Why we like Doing something less (often) if we are paid… which really helps explain why money is NOT the only motivating factor managers have at their disposal.
  • Why people are drawn to “Free” even if it costs more.
  • Why a 50 cent aspirin works better than a 1 cent aspirin.


Runners up: Art of Agile Development & SuperFreakonimics

2. What was your favorite new Telligent feature for 2009?

Easily enterprise microblogging and activity streams with replies. The simplicity of a service like this really drives up adoption.


Runners up: Drag and Drop to build themes – Embed Reports from Telligent Analytics like youtube videos in your sites.

3. What was your favorite enhancement for Telligent products in 2009?

V2 of our Web services API. Lets me do all sorts of cool things like build a Social Connector for Outlook 2010 in a much simpler, less chatty way.

4. Favorite external app/product/feature you used in 2009?

imageProbably Tokbox.  As a team we’ve become dependant on the real time video communication it enables. You can also embed it into Telligent Evolution pages to create virtual meeting rooms. I can’t imagine our remote developemt working as well as it does without this service.

Runners Up:  GoWalla & Twitter