After 3 Weeks at Telligent I’m Already Hiring

I left Microsoft to join Telligent on June 25th, and it's been an exciting three weeks.  I'm learning a lot, having tons of fun, and I think my team is worried about me since I haven't run away screaming yet.  Don't worry, I won't.  These are all fun challenges.  🙂 

What's most exciting to me has been the freedom and the pace.  It was thrilling for me to suggest a change one day and follow-up a couple of days later only to find out it had already been pushed live to the site! 

If you didn't know, my team owns creating a managed experience for customers that want their communities hosted with additional services such as new development, moderation, training, etc.  Today we manage several Microsoft communities such as and Asp.Net, and one of my challenges has been figuring out how to standardize this offering so that we can take on additional business. 

I'm also excited about the opportunities we have to build onto the enterprise SKU of Community Server.  Specifically we're looking at things like improved cms, moderation assistance tools, reporting services, advertising platforms, and deeper social networking integration services.  There's lots of ways to grow a product like this, and since our team will be running large scale communities, we'll have the opportunity to leverage the new stuff first. 

If you'd like to be part of the team we're building, you should know that I'm hiring and I expect to be hiring for a while. At the moment, I have two open positions for developers. I wrote up the official descriptions here. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

I think my blog has more readers in Facebook

My link-post to the "open friends list movement" has two comments on Facebook already and none on  I think what's interesting about this is that Facebook is acting like a notifier to friends that otherwise might have skipped over posts in their river of news. 

You pay more attention to things that go across your FB feed because you (ideally) know the people better.  Of course it could just be proof that the only reason I had a bunch of readers before is because I worked at Microsoft… or because I'm maried to Gretchen.

6 Days Outside of “The Soft”

So it's been almost 2 weeks since I left Microsoft for Telligent, but because of vacation I've only worked 6 days.  Here are some random thoughts I've been meaning to blog. 

  • At first the "Company All" e-mails on random topics like surface computing seemed odd, then I remembered that those mails doesn't go to 60k employees. 
  • Having an entirely remote team, I IM much more frequently.
  • Thanks to everyone at Telligent for responding to my IMs and answering my dumb questions. Not sure if I was allowed one or two weeks of dumb questions.  I think I'm just about done.
  • OMG, there aren't thirty sharepoint sites to update.  In fact, there are no sharepoint sites… oh wait, this is a good thing.  I can't tell you how many times I groaned every time a manager at Microsoft would say "you know what we need a cool internal site for… but lets spend lots of time on it so it doesn't look like every other sharepoint site that no one visits".  I think the only cool internal site I worked on was as an SDET when I made a "Bug Hunter" parody site based on the crocodile hunter.
  • I've been mini'd again. And mini is truly one of my friends… on Facebook.  I love being part of a "Power Couple". I know that Evan is mini.
  • I enjoyed one of my first meetings back on campus when someone who didn't know I'd worked there explained to me what a GPM and a Program Manager was. I just smiled. Only one of the two actually manages people you know. 🙂
  • Things move much quicker, they have to.
  • I don't miss my M4 Tablet… not one bit. I like my 6 year old VIAO more.  I'll never own a Toshiba "Craplet" again.  I heard that people at Microsoft where all over stuff in my office like monitors, speakers, keyboards as if they had been hungry vultures circling for weeks over a dead body… but no one fought over the M4. 
  • There is a TON of untapped opportunity for Community Server and the sites leveraging it.