Cross Sell Your Products

imageI agree with Amy Hoy – “Niches don’t work – But worldviews do”.  If someone that’s part of your “audience” likes one of your products they are likely to also like (or at least recommend) another.  I don’t just agree with her, I have proof: On the free version of GoodDay I run house ads for the paid version of GoodDay, Local Note, & OneDayApp

You’d probably expect the link to the paid version of the app to have a decent click through rate, but you probably wouldn’t have guessed that the ads for Local Note and OneDayApp each have a click through rate of over 15%!  That’s only 3% less than the 18% click through rate I get for the advertisement of the paid version.  But it’s also 14% higher than the non-house ad click through rates!

That tells me that the thousands of people who downloaded GoodDay free share a worldview with me as a product creator. Because of this I’m upping the percentage of ad space dedicated to my house ads dramatically and may cut non-house ads altogether since people obviously aren’t finding them worthwhile.

Speaking of ads… this is just one of the tips you’ll find in my OneDayApp series.

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