Four Innings in a Scrimage

The Diablo Nation held our annual Rocky V Cascade scrimage yesterday in Seattle.  It's the first time I've felt like I've seen consistent play from both teams on offense and defense.  Still a lot to learn over the course of the season for both teams, but I feel ready for opening weekend next week.

Because of the quick start to the season (four games in the first week) I've been forced to extend pitchers more than I'd like this early in the season. Last year we had the luxory of sending people out for 2-3 innings max with week long breaks between games.  No such luck this year.  So I threw 4 innings yesterday and feel like I could probably throw 5 next weekend. 

I didn't feel like I had much arm strength and didn't have the fastball I'd like but the offspeed stuff was coming around and I had good movement.  It was only my second time against live hitters this year so the control was just a bit off, but I was mostly missing outside of the strike zone rather than over the plate.  I also got out of a self inflicted bases loaded jam with 2 k's right when I needed them. 

Dice-K more fastball than I expected

Watching the highlights from Dice-K's debut was reminiscent of Pedro in his prime. Lot more of his swings and misses where on fastballs than I expected.  But it was also clear that his change-up was also in top form.  He also seemed to keep the ball down very well.  Can't wait to watch a game live to get beyond the highlights. Glad I have him on my fantasy team.

In a related note… I'm hoping that Varitek can start swinging the bat soon or I'm going to have to drop him from my team.  At least he called a great game and threw out a runner in a key spot.  It's just sad to watch him hit less than Nomar's twins weigh. 

The best form of the post game interview…

Is now a blog. I've been reading since the start of spring training. Why in the world would an athlete in today's world subject themselves to the standard boring post game interview if they could just blog about why the did or did not perform. Plus, as a baseball junkie I love hearing the depth from Curt that doesn't get included when the traditional media decides it's not worth hearing about what pitches he threw to what batters when.  Plus, he answers fan questions directly.

A feel good story for today

When I was growing up I found Jim Abbott to be an inspiration.  I remember one confrontation with Wade Boggs where he switched his glove fast enough to snare a line drive. Boggs was dumbfounded like he'd just been pushed out of his jeep

John Lester pitched to Major League hitters for the first time since learning he'd come down with cancer.  I can't claim to compare the two feats, but this one made me smile today. It helps the Red Sox that he did well.