Nominated For Reader’s Choice : Graffiti CMS

Passing the news. If you are enjoying your Graffiti experience you may want to consider giving it a vote for asp.netPro Readers Choice Awards.

Nominated For Reader’s Choice : Graffiti CMS

Graffiti CMS has been nominated for a 2008 asp.netPro Reader’s Choice Award in the CMS category.

We (Telligent) have won in the forum category for the last couple of years, but we are a rookie in the CMS space. If you have a moment, please take a second to give us a quick vote (and don’t forget Community Server as well!). Thanks!

Announcing Graffiti Beta 2 : Graffiti CMS

We Telligenti have let Beta 2 of Graffiti out the door today.  For those of you that don’t know Graffiti is a hybrid CMS & Blogging engine. Perfect for individuals or small businesses that want to manage both relatively static and dynamic content pages.  The article below gives a full list of improvements, but my personal recommendations would be to download it for…

Tools for controlling sort order – We’ve added some drag-and-drop tools to make it really easy to create/define your own custom sort order for content. This is especially important when using Graffiti as a CMS.

Versioning support added for Themes – We’ve added version support for themes, so now you can make changes, review them and easily revert back to what you used to have.

Announcing Graffiti Beta 2 : Graffiti CMS

Rich Text Editor Control on Codeplex

I was pushing for this release when I was at Microsoft and while I can’t explain what took so long I’m just happy that the code has finally been released.  Building a Rich Text Editor control is not for the faint of heart, but now you have a starting point on Codeplex if you’d like to build your own.  BTW – This is currently being used on the MSDN Forums. 🙂

I am super excited to announce that Kannan Sundararajan, my colleague at Microsoft, has written a Rich Text Editor control using ASP.NET and JavaScript and shared it under the MS-PL license on CodePlex. It has a very rich feature set and Kannan hopes to enhance it further in the future. Since it is a CodePlex project you can report issues and make feature requests.

foo, bar and donkey : Rich Text Editor is here

What I’m Reading and Writing – Testing a WLW Plugin

 image I have a shared items feed from google reader, but I've been struggling with how to share that content more broadly through my main blog feed.  I didn't like mirroring my shared items since it felt like content stealing and I share more than I write, but at the other extreme I don't generally like blog posts that are links without commentary. 

Today, while at the CSDC, I wrote a simple Live Writer Plugin that pulls feed items from RSS or Atom and can clip a summary. I'll release it later this week, but for now I'll leave it as a tease and just tell you that this post was created with it. 🙂 Let me know what you think of the formatting as I'll be adjusting things during the week.

Via EngadgetDebunk: new Zunes will not have text messaging, but Microsoft's Zune Social community site will
We've gotten a small flood of emails from readers today concerned with a certain page found in last night's leaked Zune support training manuals.

I'm personally hoping to see them leapfrog Apple with the whole "Social" concept. They have a real powerful opportunity even if it's not yet enabled in the client.  I know one person who would agree with me.

Via All FacebookTim O’Reilly at Graphing Social Patterns
Dave McClure just posted the video of Tim O’Reilly’s keynote at the Graphing Social Patterns conference.

Another step towards creating rich visualizations of data that's pretty much public.  I picked this post because the video was timely with what I'd been thinking earlier in the week.

Via Penny ArcadeNews: Dunder Mifflin Spokane
Gabe: I'm pretty frustrated with the Dunder Mifflin Infinity ARG. The site functionality is just trash. The biggest offense is the piece of *** forum they've got. It's the one way for the whole branch to talk together and it's absolute crap.

That just about summed up my experience. I'm still waiting to be hired.

Via MSDN BlogsRising Above the Email Swarm
In todays age of receiving dozens to 100s of e-mails a day, quickly processing these is critical. 

This post both sums up what I've been attempting for e-mail triage and also ads a few great suggestions. I highly recommend it.

Via TechmemeiTunes Plus DRM-free tracks expanding, dropping to 99 cents (Jacqui Cheng/Infinite Loop)
iTunes Plus DRM-free tracks expanding, dropping to 99 cents

I don't need an iPhone. I'm not jealous of people with those things. I don't pretend to swipe my finders across my blackjack screen. I can hold out… at least until the 16gb versions come out. 🙂

Via Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog

Announcing the Community Kit for SharePoint: Internet/Extranet Edition Forms-Based Authentication solution!
As many of you know, one of the best new features in WSS 3.0 (and consequently MOSS 2007) is the way it leverage's ASP.NET 2.0 to support for forms-based authentication or FBA along with the ability to support multiple authentication providers.

 Announcing Community Kit for SharePoint: Virtual Earth Maps on SharePoint
Microsoft's Virtual Earth technology powers the maps on Live Search and many other web-based applications, but many people have wondered how to get VE maps to work on SharePoint.

Announcing Community Kit for SharePoint: Windows Live Authentication!
Ever since the Windows Live ID Web Authentication SDK was announced a couple of months ago, many people have asked when there would be a solution for WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007 to authenticate Windows Live ID users.

Some big releases for a cool codeplex project.

Note: Below here I made the titles non-bold. Let me know what you like better.

Via VentureBeatYuMe, Blinkx latest video ad companies to make splash
With all the video content online, the video advertising market is booming.

How many ad networks can surve?

Via Digging My Blog – Dan HounshellProfessional Community Server Themes
I had the pleasure of working on a great project earlier this year with two very talented co-workers: Wyatt Preul and Ben Tiedt.

This book was anxiously awaited at the CSDC. I don't think the preview copies showed up in time, but I know there are going to be some people, for which, this becomes thier bible.

Via SimpableDitch Confirmations
James Avery wrote a post, "Modals or No more popups" inquiring about modal solutions.

I'm going to try and keep this plugin both configurable, but fast and decision free for the users.  I'll see how it goes. 

Via Seth's BlogThe truth about Radiohead
1.2 million albums sold, $8 each, no middleman, one week: Radiohead Kicks the Middleman to the Curb.

This answers a lingering question I had after hearing about this promotion. How much money did they make per album. I guess, since they don't have a label, that $8 goes much more directly to them as well.


Via Read/WriteWebMicrosoft's "Me Too" Strategy: Can the Tortoise Beat the Hare?
Microsoft has lifted the lid this week on a number of products that compete to various degrees with popular Google services.

There is a lot of truth to the theory held by one of my former co-workers that Microsoft as been very successful by never being first, learning from the mistakes of others, and being either a cheaper or better second.

Via Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4LifeSocial Networking Site Platforms: How Developers Should Evaluate the MySpace platform (and others)
I’ve been reading recently that a number of social networking sites are rushing to launch [or re-launch] a widgets platform given the success of the Facebook platform.

I tend to agree.

Via Seth's BlogThe wikipedia gap
I wonder who the first teacher was who said to his class, "Okay, we have ball point pens now. No need to use class time to learn how to use a fountain pen."

I always hated the teachers that wouldn't let us use the advanced functions of our TI-85's.  It saved time and made me smarter. Same with a resource like wikipedia. What people are going to have to learn is how to better quickly evaluate the degree of tint and accuracy to the information they are looking at.

Ok, I think the first test post went well. I found at least 10 things I want to make better with this plugin before I share it with any other users. 


No Sense Linking up Twice

I remember when I started working at Microsoft. Everyone there used MSN Messenger (if they used IM… most didn't at first) and I was the new guy from college that used AIM because all my friends where there.  If a friend was on both AIM and MSN I added them twice so that no matter what app I was using my friends list was as consistent as possible.  Those days are gone.

Yes, I'm on linked-in, jobster, orkut, etc, but I'm no longer going to accept friend requests on those networks.  I can only manage one at a time and feel like I'm really getting value out of it. So I'm going to stick with Facebook so I can avoid feeling like this guy.

Adding Friends is a Full Time Job and I'm sick of it…

…I have spent a lot of time adding friends on Facebook – I have used it to reconnect with people from eras throughout my entire life and I have poured days of time into the effort. I have done it to a certain extent on Twitter, where I have a pretty solid snapshot of my industry colleagues. I have done it with my MSN friends list, but it is becoming less important these days as I forget who most of the people I have added are – there is very little context with traditional chat applications as you have to rely on remembering silly screen names.

Then I thought, what about everything else, like Xbox Live, Finetune, LastFM, AIM, MySpace, and so many many more.

This has turned into a nightmare.

It is clear to me as an experience designer and strategist that the social web cannot keep continuing down this road. Eventually everyone will be sick and tired of this arduous process, and users/contributors will quickly be frustrated and turned away from our applications; the very ones that are supposed to rock!