KickoffLabs is Live… What Next?

Today I wasn’t able to figure out exactly what to do for about 30 minutes.  It was the first time in a while I’d found myself at a complete loss.  I published the announcement blog post and should have walked away for the next half hour. 

What is KickoffLabs?

All new businesses are experiments that start with customers. You don’t know if your idea is going to work, but you know you need customers to make money… whether it’s through ad sales, subscriptions, or walk-ins buying your bagels after you’ve set up shop.  KickoffLabs both simplifies and reduces the costs of the online part of your experiment.

Tomorrow I’ll be hunkering down to work with our first customers, spread the word about KickoffLabs  a little wider, and work on features for the next deployment. 

For now I’m enjoying a nice glass of red wine in celebration…  But we’re bootstrapping, so it’s a cheap bottle. Smile 

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