How would you evolve Community Server?

Last week, at the In.Telligent conference I gave the keynote on our product roadmap.  It’s rare that I have so many customers captive in one room so I used the opportunity to gather some feedback in real time.  I distributed a list of features broken out by theme and told everyone they had $100 virtual dollars to distribute between the features. 

I excluded most of what we have planned for CS 2009 in February to get a little more forward looking.  I promised I would post the results on this blog. Here is the breakout…


It verified a lot of things we’ve assumed. When we looked closer at the breakout it was clear:

  • Mobile is hot. Everyone wants visitors to take their communities with them.
  • Calendars were seen as a critical tool that enables people to link virtual interactions to the real world.   Group calendars, event management, & calendar synchronization were all in the top 5.
  • Conference goers didn’t consider social tools in the intranet as task management applications.
  • Everyone I talked to on the subject seemed to validate that social tools need to add content management or Vica Versa if you are a CMS vendor.  Our embeddable comments feature received an ovation during the demo portion of the roadmap and that also seems to validate this.
  • There was a surprising lack of passion around social bookmarking tools.

Overall we received votes back from 91 of attendees and I’m looking forward to taking this exercise to a broader audience online in the future.  Thanks to everyone that contributed!

in.telligent 2008… Will you be there?

You like it hot don’t you?  Why not come to Dallas in October for the In.Telligent conference?  Sessions will range from social computing stratagies to education about the latest technologies.  But really you’ll get to meet more people like you and share best practices that you can use to connect your community. 


I’m looking forward to it because it will be my first opportunity to speak publicly in a long while.  I’ll be delivering 2 talks.  The 1st being…

Social Networking Strategies In Today’s E-to-E World
Strategies and goals are the important first step to the successful utilization of social computing. In this session, we’ll discuss critical planning and the understanding of how social computing fits into your overall business strategies.

and a talk that I’m viewing as Part 2 of the 1st one…

Project Management of Community Initiatives
You’ve purchased the software license and are ready to launch your social computing initiative . . . but where do you go from here? In this session, you’ll learn best practices on how to manage your social site project and launch on-time and on-budget.

Since I’ll have to start prepping soon (after we ship and shower) I’ll take any suggestion on questions you’d like answered through these talks.