A GoodDay for this Developer

Most days I’m thrilled if GoodDay buys me coffee, but there are some days I get an even better feeling… the one you get from helping people achieve their goals.  Here are some recent reviews and customer quotes that people have left about GoodDay.

Goodday is a great app. Has huge potential. Very useful for keeping track of goals but also tracking moods, virtues I’m working on, and vices I’m trying to overcome. – Jay

An excellent tool. I use it repeatedly throughout the day with GREAT success – I’ve reached some pretty lofty goals lately. This app has helped greatly. If you want to stay on track with an aspiration or two, or more, this lets you quickly and easily track your efforts. I had started a googleDoc to do this and when I found it I bought it immediately. It’s simple, clean, clear and incredibly easy to use. In addition, I’ve submitted a number of enhancement requests that I hope will be considered. Even without them, in just two weeks I’ve managed to maintain a high level of awareness and consciousness of my personal goals by updating my assessments throughout the day.Aid my efforts to do my best and achieve my goals? For $0.99 cents? Yeah, I’ll buy that for a dollar. – msg_man in an app store review.

I am a writer and Good Day is a useful calendar and motivational tool.  It helps me track my morning writing hours. – Alexandra

It’s great to be helping people that also believe change comes from simple daily goals.  And yes, now that OneDayApp has shipped there will be another GoodDay update that takes more customer suggestions.  In the meantime… what do you want to track and change?

GoodDay Lite Released – It’s Free!


Over the weekend I released a “lite” version of GoodDay.  My price experiment over the holidays showed me that the difference between free and 0.99 is an amazing barrier. So, if someone was holding out for another price drop… you can get the free version now.  It’s ad supported.

The paid version will continue to progress with new features starting at the paid level first.  There are also no ads in the paid version of GoodDay.  Other than the ads the only difference today is the ability to sort your goals.  This debuted on the paid version and will remain a paid feature for a while.

Thanks for all the support so far!

GoodDay 1.2 Now Available with Sorting

Goodday 1.2 was released to the app store yesterday afternoon.  It’s awesome and I’ve been using it for the last week.  Yes, I’m biased, but there is no simpler way to track life’s important daily goals than the 5 seconds you’ll spend each day in Goodday.

The image gives away the big feature added was the ability to sort your goals.  This was by far the biggest request I’d received for the app. Hundreds have updated already… have you?

Other small updates include making it easier to edit longer goals and performance improvements. iPad users can also rejoice now that the app will actually work on your device.

What’s next for Goodday?  Right around the corner is a less featured lite version that’s ad supported.  For paid users I’ll also be looking into some new goal types and a feature that lets the app tell you if you can give you a running comparison of this week to last week. This way you can use Goodday to tell you if you can afford to slack or not as the week goes on.

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Great Review of GoodDay I found because AppAnnie.com

It’s nearly impossible to see reviews as a developer of your app… especially when reviews come from international stores.  So I recently wired up a service called appannie and it digs into all the stores to show your app ranking and reviews.  I learned that GoodDay was the #1 app in Hungry in December for health and fitness.  I also found this review…

Ottima!!!!!!! – Anche io avevo avuto la stessa idea, ma la vostra realizzazione è geniale!!! Ottima, semplice, leggerissima! La app che cercavo!!! GRAZIE!!!!

Which, if you believe google means…

Excellent !!!!!!! – I also had had the same idea, but your achievement is great! Very simple, very light! The app I was looking for! THANK YOU!

It’s little nuggets like this that I think keep you going in the early stage I’m at.  Thanks.

Next someone could build an App Store that actually lets me connect with these people in more meaningful ways.

I’m not only the developer, I’m also a client

I remember how cheesy those ads all sounded, but it seems to be the norm lately. Maybe it has always been the case, but so many great apps have started with the developer tackling a personal problem. Such is the case with GoodDay.

I’ve lost 5 lbs since the middle of November by tracking goals for each meal and snack in the day. This included the holiday timeframe and, for sure, there have been some low points in my personal graphs, but having something simple enough I can open and track in under 30 seconds a day for 5 simple goals really can help you form good habits.

So far I’ve heard stories from users tracking their daily yoga, progress quitting smoking, and that they are drinking enough water in the day. These stories are motivational to me and I know it works because I’m also a client.

GoodDay – Over 5,000 Served!

As of today 5,321 people have experienced GoodDay!

Thanks to everyone that’s downloaded it and I hope it’s helping at least a few of you improve your lives. I know it’s helped me already.

If you like it all I ask is that you help out by rating it in the app store and leave a comment or two about how it’s helping you.

– Josh

GoodDay Donates $114 to Reading With Rover!

Reading With Rover LogoWhen I started writing GoodDay I committed that I’d donate profit from the first version to Reading With Rover in memory of our dog Oliver.  Reading With Rover is an outstanding children’s literacy program that operates in the northwest where dogs are used to help children learn how to read.  I can’t say Oliver was the best reading dog in the program… but I know he loved the attention he got while helping the children and would have wanted to find a way to help more.

The $114 comes from the sale of 114 copies @ $1 a piece before I released version 1.1 and made it free.  Since Apple doesn’t have a way to avoid paying their cut for charity I’m picking up their tab to cover the $34 that went to them. Here is the modern day giant check in the form of a PayPal transaction receipt…

A big thank you to everyone that purchased Goodday and shared it with other people to make this possible!  Oliver only hopes that its helping a few of your achieve your goals… whatever they may be.

First Review of GoodDay – 4 stars

Its always thrilling to get reviewed on ones work. I had been waiting for a while for this, but must have missed it showing up recently. It’s great validation of the direction I took. And since this is my one customer… And his requests align with what I’d like the app to be… Then he’ll be very happy when the next version comes out. Thanks Lumpy!

Nice concept! – ★★★★

by Lumpy Rutherford – Version 1.0 – 23 November 2010

Fills a middle ground in the goal tracking apps that I’ve tried. Great for tracking diet, exercise, and skill enrichment pursuits. Just two small things to perfect this app: • goal sorting • editing goal names