A Message to My Friends and Family

drive thru treeYou may have noticed that I’m starting to talk more about what I’m working on publicly. I’ll do my best not to spam you continually about my startup business ventures.  It’s a tough line to straddle as you are getting started.  Word of mouth is critical and ones own networks are key to spreading your message. I love all the support I’ve received. I do, however, have a few things to ask of you… and none of them involve money. Smile 

1. Do what you’d normally do and share what’s interesting to you.  It doesn’t help anyone if you blindly share things you don’t believe in… but do overshare things that are really interesting to you because your other friends might find it interesting as well.

2. Tell me what you really think. I hear “X is a good idea” enough from strangers who want to be polite. Half the time I’m tempted to just make something crazy up just to see how polite people really are. I want to know if you think something I’m working on just isn’t going to work and why. I can take it. I may think I’ve found a way through the tree… but I like to know about them coming.

3. Enjoy the ride. You all have a front row seat to learn from my adventures into being a bootstrapped entrepreneur. I’m sure there will be lessons learned along the way you may get to take advantage of someday.

4. Let Gretchen know how awesome she is. She went through starting her own business first and I wouldn’t be able to do this if it weren’t for her.  She’s an amazing woman, has shown great patience with me, and I could not be more grateful for having her and our son Gabe to be in love with. 

Tellitip 27: Create default friends for new users in Community Server

communityserverCommunity Server 2008 introduced the concept of Social Networking to our platform.  Users can register for your community, become friends with other members, and get status updates from their friends, but it’s lonely when you start out with no friends in a community.  A bunch of sites have the concept that new users are “friended” by default to an existing community member. This tip will show you how to do this with Community Server.

1. Open the Community Server control panel as an administrator.

2. Click to enter “System Administration”

3. Under Membership Administration click “Account Settings”

4. Open the “Friendship Settings” tab.

5. Add one or more existing site members to the “Default New User Friend List”

6. Click Save


In this case Delia is in charge of Employee Relations at Telligent.  So on our pre-beta Evolution intranet site (yes we are using this already) all new employees will be connected to her by default.  This will give them a point of contact before they build up their colleague list on Evolution!

Design the little things that stand out

image Good products tend to pay attention to the little details. Not all the details, but enough to make you notice. Lately I’ve noticed that the list of supporters or fans or whatever you want to call them on Facebook pages seems to always show a few people that are in your social circle, or friends of people in your circle if needed. 


This way, when you are browsing the page it says to you “It’s ok, look, your friends are here too!”.  They could have chosen a random set of people here, but I think it’s a nice touch.