Resize, Create Thumbnails, and Watermark Images Easily on a Mac

We just shipped an update to our image picker on KickoffLabs. We made it simpler and added over 150 great images that can be used as landing page backgrounds!



To do this we I had to make all those images consistent. I needed to shrink them and create cropped thumbnails that were a consistent size. For this task I tried out a few different batch image processors. Then I found QuickScale in the App store.


For a few dollars this app let me:

1. Select a directory full of original images.

2. Export them with a max width setting to make them smaller and keep proportions.

3. Do a second expect with a specific height/width to create consistent looking thumbnails without changing the proportions.

4. Add watermarks for images that are under creative commons as required. 🙂

I’m sure you could use Photoshop for this too, but it just felt too complicated.

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