Kevin Smith talks about his own “Start-Up” Experience

I wasn’t expecting entrepreneurial inspiration from the Adam Carolla show the other day. Just some laughs while I worked on the OneDayApp series. Depending on where you work it may not be safe, but there are good laughs and inspiration buried here.

Right away they talk about why no one works for the same place for 40 years anymore and the dream of making his first movie (Clerks) by maxing out his credit cards.

They also discuss:

  • Timing
  • Making awesome sauce from nothing.
  • Why a lot of people don’t “go for it”
  • Doing something to get the opportunity to do the next, bigger, something for the audience you built.
  • How doing great things will get you both fans & anti-fans.

Kevin Smith on Adam Carolla on Getting Started

Sure, it’s a little long, but worth it to have on if you were told you could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from 9-11.

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