Google Sucks at Authentication UX

Like a lot of entrepreneurs I have a love/hate relationship with google.  But I’m just going to come out and say they suck at UX.  I know that’s not a popular opinion. Everyone praises them for their fast and simple looking UI.  The latest example of this suckage can be seen if you happen to have both a personal gmail account and a Google for your domain account… which a lot of entrepreneurs and sole proprietors have…

I’m sure you’ve all seen messages like this one I received trying to be an early adopter of Google+.

There isn’t even a link that tells you to log out and log in with an account that works.  Of course, I understand that it may take time to integrate Google+ so that their PAYING customers can use it but YouTube…


Well, at least they told me what I can do about it. But, come on, how long have they owned YouTube?

2 responses to “Google Sucks at Authentication UX”

  1. It is frustrating how much stuff breaks just because Google doesn’t have Profiles (which no one cares about anyway) working for Google Apps customers yet.

  2.  I agree. I have Google apps for two domains and then my personal one. We recently transitioned to the new account infrastructure. How they handle the UX is not working for me. Very difficult to keep signed into the correct account. Have to tie the GA, Voice, Adwords, and other stuff to my personal email so I can keep that open. Never mind that I used to be able to have my email open with the support email for the same domain – can’t anymore. Just easier to switch between browsers rather then accounts.

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