GoodDay Donates $114 to Reading With Rover!

Reading With Rover LogoWhen I started writing GoodDay I committed that I’d donate profit from the first version to Reading With Rover in memory of our dog Oliver.  Reading With Rover is an outstanding children’s literacy program that operates in the northwest where dogs are used to help children learn how to read.  I can’t say Oliver was the best reading dog in the program… but I know he loved the attention he got while helping the children and would have wanted to find a way to help more.

The $114 comes from the sale of 114 copies @ $1 a piece before I released version 1.1 and made it free.  Since Apple doesn’t have a way to avoid paying their cut for charity I’m picking up their tab to cover the $34 that went to them. Here is the modern day giant check in the form of a PayPal transaction receipt…

A big thank you to everyone that purchased Goodday and shared it with other people to make this possible!  Oliver only hopes that its helping a few of your achieve your goals… whatever they may be.

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  1. threedeadflies says:

    And a GIANT BREED Thank You to you and Gretchen for your contributions to Reading With Rover both in the form of money — your generous donation of funds to the program — and in the form of consistent visits to the kids, bringing Oliver to the “reads” and blessing all of those little lives with your help, his love, and the promise that reading and literacy gives everyone who partakes. He’s romping around and being such an Oliver right now, I just know it! David Bishop

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