Next time on Arrested Development – the movie?

The news of an Arrested Development movie has a way of lifting my spirits. Things I’d like to see:

  • Lucille’s life in jail with George back in charge
  • Blue hand prints always crack me up
  • More segway goodness
  • Cornballers
  • Hot Cops!
  • The Final Countdown!

Via TVSqaud

Twenty-sevenish things the Arrested Development movie must have – TV Squad

Now that the Arrested Development movie is pretty much a done deal, fans are dreaming of what the big screen event should include. FilmSchoolRejects listed eight things the Arested Development movie must include, such as the stair car, Lucille 2, and the banana stand.


Consider me teased

Just in time for my birthday this year. With our “empty tivo” and my New Years resolution to not watch terrible TV I’ve been catching up on older x-files episodes on TNT.  Good times.


My New Zune 8

I was hesitant to try and squeeze my collection down into an 8GB "best of" set of music, but the advantages are totally worth it.

  • The load time switching multiple tracks in a random playlist seems faster here than on the hard drive based models.
  • The battery lasts MUCH longer than my 30 GB model.  I can go a couple of days without plugging it in and don’t mind letting it sync wirelessly.
  • Since I wouldn’t get much I kept my Zune 30 and loaded it with a playlist of everything on this zune and my wife’s zune. Good to keep in the car for road trips. 
  • I like the custom art. I went all out and set the zune background to the color version of the engraving. It’s a "Maniac" zune. 🙂
  • The screen is sharper for album art than that the Zune30 since the resolution is the same with a smaller size.
  • It’s a TON smaller.
  • I don’t have to skip as many tracks if I just play the 8gb on random since this is just the best 8 out of 45gb of music.
  • Personally I’ve never gotten into mobile video. The services just don’t seem to have it as baked as Music in terms of complexity and I prefer using my laptop on trips for movies if I want to watch something.
  • I can frame the print that came with my Zune Originals purchase. It will replace the "kitty" art that still hangs in my office. (That was formerly Gretchen’s home office.)

The only complaints I have are with the client software, but it’s nothing that isn’t manageable. I highly recommend checking out a Zune 8 if you are in the market.


Switch #2: From PSP to DS

When I got my PSP the DS was the ugly step-child with a limited selection of games and sub-par graphics.  The PSP was sexy, played videos, had better graphics, and a gorgeous screen.

A lot has changed in the last couple of years. The Wii was sort of like a gateway drug into the world of Nintendo products for me.  Sure, the Xbox is king of connected games and entertainment, but there isn't one experience I've seen bring gamers and non-gamers together like the Wii for a party.  The DS has the same appeal.

Pick up the Mario Kart version for your kids and the Brain Age edition with leather carrying case for mom.  Gret and I got the Brain Age edition. I'm currently 37 and she's 32. 🙂 I'm a little worried how quickly I'll improve my age since I have to steal practice time from her.  I guess I shouldn't have gotten the crimson "raspberry red" edition. I also reccomend picking up "my spanish coach". Flashcards have never been so fun.

I'm not sure if I'll sell the PSP just yet, but I'm not sure I see much of a reason to keep it.  Any recommendations for DS games to get after we get our Brain Ages back down to normal? 

A Great Sell, Sox Opening Letter to Schilling in 2003

It’s pretty cool to have someone as outspoken and transparent as Curt Schilling blogging about his baseball accomplishments. For me his blog has been inspirational and educational when it comes to my hobby of playing baseball. 

The post I’m linking to here is a repost of the letter the Sox sent to him in 2003 to open the negotiations that landed him in Boston… and therefore landed the Red Sox a world series victory. 

What’s impressive here is what a great sales job they did. The letter remained classy while at the same time tugging on all the right buttons I’d imagine to get someone like him to come to your team.  If nothing else it paints a great picture of a well run organization.

…It is clear that the Schillings and the Diamondbacks have formed a partnership. From afar, we have admired Curt’s accomplishments in an Arizona uniform and the incredible impact the whole family has had in the Phoenix community. We have the utmost respect for your roots here, and also for the full no-trade clause you negotiated into your current contract. In short, we know you don’t have to do this.

Why, then, did we leave our own families behind and fly here today? Well, we think that the Schillings and the Red Sox might just be another great fit – a perfect marriage – and we hope that we can demonstrate why…

2003 Sox opening letter. « 38 Pitches

Where to Spend Christmas Near Seattle

I was asked recently what one would do if one happened to be near the Seattle area on or around Christmas. I can say, without a doubt, if you haven't then you need to experience Christmas in Leavenworth. Specifically you should make sure you get to witness the tree lighting ceremony. Fan's of the movie Groundhog Day will get an extra kick out of these festivities. Here are a few of the things you'll get to see and do there.

Scenic trails. Make sure to visit Blackbird Island.


A village filled with lights.


Sledding. Just be sure to buy a sled in advance. For some reason they are hard to come by in town.


A giant knight… covered in snow.


The mountains and, of course, mountain dogs. If you are lucky you'll get to meet Oliver and Duncan who will be making their yearly appearance around town this Christmas.


I haven't even mentioned the wine tasting, nearby skiing, or good German food.

Of course downtown Seattle with pike place and maybe the pacific place shopping areas are also fun if you are into that kind of thing. 🙂


Is it Safest to Walk, Drive, or Bike to Work?

I found this post more relevant than most would.  But amazingly you are safer biking than walking to work.

"Per kilometer, cyclists are 12 times more likely than car drivers to suffer a fatal accident, according to Rutgers University urban planner John Pucher and Lewis Dijkstra of the European Commission (the same study found traveling by foot to be 23 times more dangerous than driving, per kilometer)."

But you always have to weigh that against…

"On the other hand, a Danish study found that people who do not bike to work suffer a 39 percent higher mortality rate than those who do. So, assuming you can avoid a fatal accident on the road, biking to work may actually help you live longer."