Quick Tips for Upgrading to PhoneGap 1.0 with OneDayApp

trailerLast week the PhoneGap team released version 1.0.  I’m a big fan of the PhoneGap platform because it lets me build amazing apps for mobile devices and keep my client side web skills sharp.  No need to re-learn java or Objective-C.  I’m happy to say that the code that comes with the OneDayApp training series is 100% compatible with the 1.0 release!


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If you have the OneDayApp series and the code for Local Note that it comes with here are some tips for 1.0.

Local Note Code PhoneGap 1.0 Upgrade Tips

1. You don’t have to do anything.  If you don’t want to upgrade your app to 1.0 then you don’t have to change anything. This is, in fact, the easiest option.  The code from OneDayApp should continue to work with the older builds of PhoneGap that you had installed.

2. The cleanest path to upgrading your app is the following set of steps.

A. Make sure Xcode is closed when you install the latest PhoneGap. (I Recommend an uninstall first. )

B. Install PhoneGap 1.0.  Follow those instructions. Smile

C. Create a new project from scratch.

D. Migrate your apps files over to the new project. Note that new directory layout and location of the icons and splash screens.  It’s OK to overwrite the sample files.

E. Point your script files to the new Phonegap script library.

F. Don’t forget to minimize the phonegap script when you ship your app. The newer builds of Phonegap are not pre-minimized for you.

G. Make sure you migrate your plist file settings, enable location, turn off acceleration detection (if not in use), and only enable the services your app is using.

H. Update the plist settings for bundle ID and name before you submit to the store again.

I. Don’t forget to test on a real device as per usual.

If you have an issue with OneDayApp and PhoneGap 1.0 don’t hesitate to let me know.



Implementing Cool Mega or Simple Dropdowns

If you need to create a menu with some dropdowns there are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples out there.  But I’ve bookmarked my favorite here:


One of those simple touches is the "Login" dropdown on their homepage. I’ve taken some time to duplicate that functionality with jQuery.

It’s simple, lets you embed whatever you want in the dropdown menu, and is easy to add slick animations to if you like things that move and shine. Thanks David!  We’ll be using this technique in the KickoffLabs site designer. Smile