Bring me a hotfix for the weather oh, and the Internet noise

What a wild weather pattern we’re in out here.  Seriously, I pitched in the snow today at our baseball game.  It looked something like the picture to the left… except replace real fans with homeless people that wandered by on Capitol Hill in Seattle. 

Today’s post is another grab bag of my recently shared items.  Enjoy!

I’m glad they’ve found an even better home for hotfixes. Brian is a great high level guy at Microsoft that continues to push the envelope for his customers. 

A new home for Visual Studio Hotfixes
Weve been publishing hotfixes for general download for a year or so now. Via bharry’s WebLog

Ad volume?  This same thing happens with web ads.  Do people really click on bright, flickering ads like a collective of bugs being zapped over and over again?

How Advertisers Shoot Themselves In Their Collective Feet
The biggest challenge for advertisers today is to get people to watch their commercials. Via Blog Maverick

As much as I love how Twitter provides me, as a remote employee, with the opportunity to have “water cooler” conversations it really does up the noise a level on the interwebs.  I help I turned off of audio and visual notifications like I’ve done for Outlook over the last few years. 

Web 3.0 Will Be About Reducing the Noise—And Twhirl Isn’t Helping
It’s my own damn fault. Via TechCrunch

Not a bad attempt… this “offline client” tries to piece together structure from web pages & RSS feeds for web forums.  

Web Forum Reader: Desktop app for reading… well you know
Filed under: Internet, Windows, Commercial Spend a lot of time reading web-based forums? Wish there was a way to sift through new articles without visiting umpteen sites every day and hitting refresh a few hundred times a day? Web Forum Reader is a desktop application that lets you keep read postings from a wide variety of internet forums. Via Download Squad

OpenID for Community Server 2008 is pretty cool. 

OpenID 2.0 for .NET now available
The OpenID open source project for ASP. Via Rob Howard’s Blog

I loved this new twist on a dating site.  Sort of like a combination of your friends + dates + american idol.  This link goes out to my peeps at

Avoid Online Rejection, Get Your Friends Involved
Unlike dating in the real world where friends and family provide introductions and serve as wingmen, online dating is usually a very solitary experience. Via TechCrunch

I knew the interwebs loved Obama, but there is a serious online divide.  Know what this means… still more wild Internet growth to be had… unless it’s just more old people voting for Hillary.  Maybe Barack needs a Wii channel to get the old people in between bowling games. 

Stats: Obama Still Winning On the Web
We all know by now that if you could vote on the Internet, Barack Obama would already be president. Via TechCrunch

Crazy Idea of the week… Connect your web forums to twitter and let forum members answer support tweets.

How to Get Customer Service via Twitter
There has been a lot of talk lately of companies monitoring social media, be it Twitter, blogs, or social networking sites, for mentions of their company name and responding to customer service issues. Via ReadWriteWeb

I like the Telligent promotes & gives back to the shared open source world.  

Graffiti CMS Blog Extensions now in Google Code
Earlier this week we published the Graffiti CMS Blogging Extensions. Via Rob Howard’s Blog

You are only going to see more and more web analytics built into web sites in the future… some of those coming from Telligent. 😉

YouTube Updates Layout, Now With Tabs And Statistics
YouTube has quietly launch a new layout on video pages with a new tab focused layout and video statistics (pic above). Via TechCrunch

Will the discoverability of RSS matter or will everyone be aggregating through facebook & friendfeed?

32 Unique RSS Icons usage
Almost all the blogs contains at least one small RSS Icon, which sometimes create nerves to us, if we can`t find it to subscribe. Via WPZOOM

I’m not sure if the post or the south park episode was more timely.

AT&T: Internet to hit full capacity by 2010 (Andrew Donoghue/CNET
Via Techmeme

2 responses to “Bring me a hotfix for the weather oh, and the Internet noise”

  1. Joe Morel says:

    Ha–the Red Sox fan posts a picture of the Tribe on his blog! I love it!

  2. josh ledgard says:

    It was the first image that came back from google when searching for snow & baseball. I don’t have any dislike for the Tribe unless they are playing the red sox… which they weren’t in those games.