A Parting Gift for Microsofties: Free Mocha

I realized that there were so many blog entries I hadn't written about life at Microsoft. Of all the posts I had in mind I think this has to be the most important since it has to do with free caffine.  We all know that Microsoft has those swanky iCup machines from starbucks, but did you know you can make yourself a really good mocha as well as drip coffee?

Step One: Make a short "left side" coffee

Step Two: Make a short cocoa… I bet you know where this is going now.

Step Three: Combine cocoa and coffee to desired level of mocha-ness. I prefer to pour about 50% of the cocoa into the coffee since I like my mocha's less sweet. 

And that's my parting gift to anyone at Microsoft who hasn't discovered this delicacy.


2 responses to “A Parting Gift for Microsofties: Free Mocha”

  1. J.P. says:

    Actually, I found that by mixing chocolate milk I liked the outcome better.

    I like my coffees to be more coffee than mocha though.

    I get the short coffee like you describe, but as the coffee is dispensing I add half a pint of milk to it.

    I found that it works best mixing the streams…unless you have a lot of sugar already in the cup, which I normally do, then just wait a second or so for the hot coffee to disolve that before mixing in the milk. Either way the flowing liquid should get sufficient mixing action. 🙂

    ….no I haven’t worked on this twice a day since we got the i-cup machines…not at all ;).

  2. josh says:

    A half a pint of chocolate milk makes it too cold for me. I like it hotter.