A Great Sell, Sox Opening Letter to Schilling in 2003

It’s pretty cool to have someone as outspoken and transparent as Curt Schilling blogging about his baseball accomplishments. For me his blog has been inspirational and educational when it comes to my hobby of playing baseball. 

The post I’m linking to here is a repost of the letter the Sox sent to him in 2003 to open the negotiations that landed him in Boston… and therefore landed the Red Sox a world series victory. 

What’s impressive here is what a great sales job they did. The letter remained classy while at the same time tugging on all the right buttons I’d imagine to get someone like him to come to your team.  If nothing else it paints a great picture of a well run organization.

…It is clear that the Schillings and the Diamondbacks have formed a partnership. From afar, we have admired Curt’s accomplishments in an Arizona uniform and the incredible impact the whole family has had in the Phoenix community. We have the utmost respect for your roots here, and also for the full no-trade clause you negotiated into your current contract. In short, we know you don’t have to do this.

Why, then, did we leave our own families behind and fly here today? Well, we think that the Schillings and the Red Sox might just be another great fit – a perfect marriage – and we hope that we can demonstrate why…

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