A GoodDay for this Developer

Most days I’m thrilled if GoodDay buys me coffee, but there are some days I get an even better feeling… the one you get from helping people achieve their goals.  Here are some recent reviews and customer quotes that people have left about GoodDay.

Goodday is a great app. Has huge potential. Very useful for keeping track of goals but also tracking moods, virtues I’m working on, and vices I’m trying to overcome. – Jay

An excellent tool. I use it repeatedly throughout the day with GREAT success – I’ve reached some pretty lofty goals lately. This app has helped greatly. If you want to stay on track with an aspiration or two, or more, this lets you quickly and easily track your efforts. I had started a googleDoc to do this and when I found it I bought it immediately. It’s simple, clean, clear and incredibly easy to use. In addition, I’ve submitted a number of enhancement requests that I hope will be considered. Even without them, in just two weeks I’ve managed to maintain a high level of awareness and consciousness of my personal goals by updating my assessments throughout the day.Aid my efforts to do my best and achieve my goals? For $0.99 cents? Yeah, I’ll buy that for a dollar. – msg_man in an app store review.

I am a writer and Good Day is a useful calendar and motivational tool.  It helps me track my morning writing hours. – Alexandra

It’s great to be helping people that also believe change comes from simple daily goals.  And yes, now that OneDayApp has shipped there will be another GoodDay update that takes more customer suggestions.  In the meantime… what do you want to track and change?

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